1, the FLAYY is why the introduction of intelligent learning function?

Once universal activation has been sealed on the iphone 4s, activated mobile phone can only use the operator's sim card iphone4s version of the locker as high as 100, so FLAYY increase the smart learning function, using the 1 + N in the form, you can transform  identity model, can be used to ensure other carriers iphone4s.

2, why do I Unlock, data roaming is already open, there E/3G identity, or does not network?

This is because the APN is not set or set incorrectly, please go to General - Network - Cellular Data Network, fill out or modify the corresponding operator APN

3, and why I can not find the location of the cellular data network APN settings?

 Available for download description file to set the APN to reach the Internet.  Methods: 4S wifi connection (no need to jailbreak) access apn.china3gpp.com edit Web page content description file to download for their own sim card operators.
The process follows the normal Internet users do not need this operation

2: Jailbreak and add the source: cydia.xsellize.com Tetherme plug-in installed on
Completed.  In this way, the Settings - General - Network there is cellular data set this option
Settings: Go to settings, general, network, cellular data settings cellular data
MMS: Go to settings, general, network, cellular data settings MMS where mobile example: APN: CMWAP.
MMSC: http://mmsc.moternet.com
MMS Da1L1:
Maximum multimedia message size: 50000

   4. can not send text messages?
This is because the message center code is set incorrectly or not set!  Message center code will be different according to each operators and regions, please contact your carrier customer service telephone consultation!
Check status: * # 5005 * 7672 #
Set number: * 5005 * 7672 * SMS center number #
Remove a number: # # 5005 * 7672 #

5, Iphone4s need to jailbreak?  Jail FLAYY influential?

No need to escape, plug and play!  Prison Break does not affect the normal use of the FLAYY

6, the product which has a sim card of any use?

This is an ALE guide card guide card with the card paste insert 4S, SIM will enter the menu mode of learning
7, FLAYY card stickers,  sim card application??

Yes, sim card application General - phone-sim card applications